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St Marychurch Beauty Salon

  Prepare to be pampered!!      

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Eye treatments(a patch test is required at least 24hrs prior to some treatment)

Eye lash extension

Weekly individuals  (from per set)                      £13.00 

Semi permanent (lasts 5-6 weeks                      £48.00

Infills – from                                           £15.00 to £25.00

Eyelash or eyebrow tint                                           £8.00

Eyelash and brow tint                                             £ 15.00

Eyebrow shape (tweezers)                                      £8.00

Hair removal (Waxing)

Full leg and bikini line                                             £26.00

FULL leg                                                                     £20.00

Half leg                                                                        £15.00

Bikini line                                                                      £8.00

Extended bikini from                                              £10.00

 Eyebrow                                                                      £8.00

Forearms                                                                      £8.00

Full arms                                                                     £14.00

Upper lip/chin                                                             £7.00

Under arm                                                                   £7.00      

Back or chest  from                                                  £15.00

Back & chest from                                                   £28.00 

Electrolysis               15 mins £14.00, 30 mins  £23.00  

hand care and treatments

 Paraffin wax treatment

Combination of soothing paraffin wax & heat allows the hands to feel soft and smooth as silk. Ideal for weather affected, dry & chapped hands                          £11.00 

Cut & file, treatment that will quickly neaten hands £5.00                                                                                               

File, shape & polish , express treatment that offers nail file, shape & polish   £8.00                                                                  

Mini basic manicure , quick luxury treatment that offers a nail shape; cuticle work  & polish    £14.00

 The hands (manicures)

 Rejuvenating manicure by OPI  - Age-defying, luxury manicure enriched with products for visibly younger looking hands 45 mins                                                      £  22.00                                                

Replenishing manicure by OPI - Luxurious ultra-moisturising treatment that nourishes and replenishes the skin with the essence of soothing avocado.  45 minutes   £20.00

 Juicy manicure by OPI  30 minute manicure treatment plus a free juicy!  £16.00

{Mini princess by OPI {(9-14 years)

Hand massage, shape and paint. This service does not include cuticle care 15 min's   £9.00

French Polish Finish an be combined with any of the above for an  Additional  £3.00


Minx nails 

Lasts up to 6 weeks, many styles to choose from 


Shellac nails                             

Power polish, zero drying time , mirror finish, 14 day wear. Easily removed, no buffing to your natural nail.

File /shape and shellac                                          £18.00

 Mini manicure and shellac                                    £23.00

manicure and shellac                                                  £32.00   

Opi pedicure and shellac                                      £36.00

 The Feet (pedicures)

{ OPI prescription pedicure {

Luxurious foot treatment, includes cuticle work, foot file,foot exfoliation, massage, file & polish.        £28.00

 {OPI Mini pedicure {

Includes footbath, cuticle work, and file & polish   £16.00

 { OPI deluxe prescription pedicure {

Ultimate luxury foot treatment.   Footbath, exfoliation, massage, mask , polish free  toe separators       £30.00

 { Luxury exfoliating foot treatment  {

Luxury callous removal treatment                        £21.00

   { LCN Gel nail extensions {

Full set (90 minutes)                                                £34.00

Infills (90 minutes)                                                  £25.00    

Re-varnish                                                                  £5.00 

Re-place nail (per nail)                                               £4.00

Extension removal &  mini manicure                     £26.00

The face

{Pro skin 30 express treatment{

Dermalogica express treatment cleanse, exfoliate, masque & moisturise. 30 mins £25.00 

Pro skin 60 personal 

rescription facial {

A revolutionary, personally designed facial customised with options including steam and cleansing, exfoliation, masque, massage, toning, booster treatments, moisturising. 60 mins £40.00

Revitalising eye rescue {

Firms, tones and revitalises tired eyes. Gentle exfoliation removes debris; whilst a soothing masque  helps reduce irritation            30 minutes

Single treatment    £25.00   As part of a facial treatment    £20.00

Expert Active - bio surface peel

a skin resurfacing system which helps reduce signs of premature aging, acne and pigmentation to reveal brighter, smoother and softer skin.    30 minutes

for best results we recommend 3-6 treatments over a 2-12 week period followed by maintenance treatment 2-3 times a year

single treatment £45.00 

course  of 3 including free after care kit £25.00                           £130.00


Body treatments

{Hydro active mineral salt scrub {

Smoothes away dull surface debris & restores vitality to the skin. Leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth great for a lasting holiday tan. 60 minutes          £36.00

{ Enzymatic sea mud pack treatment {

An energising detox & de-stress, improves circulation leaving you beautifully smooth & soft. 60 minutes  £36.00

 Luxury back cleanse{

This is a facial for your back! Cleansing, soothing and smoothing. 30 minutes                                          £20.00

Massage treatments

{ Swedish {

Full body 60 mins                                                       £36.00

Back, neck and face 45 mins                                      £25.00  

Back massage 30mins                                                 £20.00

Back,neck and backs of legs 45 mins                         £25.00

{ Hot stone{  

Full body 60 minutes                                                  £39.50

Back ,neck and face 45 minutes                                 £32.00

Back 30 minutes                                                           £24.00


Full body (60 minutes)                                                £38.00

Back, neck & face (45 minutes)                                   £28.00 

Back (30 minutes)                                                        £21.00

Indian head massage {

45 minutes                                                                 


{Sports/deep tissue {

30 mins                                                                         £25.00

60 mins                                                                          £35.00

90 mins                                                                          £45.00

St Tropez tanning

Air  brush

full body                                                                     £20.00

Legs                                                                             £10.00 

Ar piercing,  Includes sterilised hypoallergenic earrings & aftercare solutions. From 5 years old   £17.00

Facial aesthetics treatments also available please ask for details


Gift vouchers, wedding, prom, party & individual packages available,

please ask for details